The Indian Journey plan to take you through an Indian Culinary journey where you will explore different tastes, cooking methods, local produce, local ingredients and a mouth-watering experience. You will also learn about some of the most alluring Indian recipes, know about the midical benefits of plants and herbs and carry with you a wide variety of the signature spices and local ingredients back home. Overall the journey will open your mind along with your taste buds. You will experience a bust of taste as you travel from one corner of the country another. This is a unique way to capture the Indian Culinary landscape.

We also do exotic culinary tours around the world. Eating and cooking one's way through a country is one of the best ways to understand and enjoy a culture. The raw ingredients, finished dishes and smells, tastes and traditions in between meld into unforgettable sensory experiences.


Small group & tailor-made tours in India & around the world
....with a culinary twist

  • Explore countries with a rich culinary heritage
  • Cook in stunning locations
  • Learn authentic recipes from local chefs
  • Have lunch with families in their homes
  • Shop in local markets for ingredients
  • Taste the best street food available
  • In between cooking, interact with the locals, unwind and explore your local surroundings.